Paypal- Privilege Escalation Vulnerability [Delete Any User]

Vulnerability Type: Privilege Escalation

Vulnerable Website:

Status: Fixed

Vulnerability Overview: This vulnerability allowed an attacker to delete any user registered in


I forgot to take screenshots but I am sure my detail write-up will clear everything.

First of all I registered here-

I had to login with my own Paypal account and then set the username. For e.g. sehgal

So, my account page was-

Then after heading to account settings page, I found that there was a option to delete our own account.

Deletion link of my account was-

where "2134" was my User-ID.

I tried to change the "2134" value to someone's else User-ID and sent the request.

Arghh! Error.. I was unable to delete it. Nevermind, no token was passed while request.


So, I continued testing and came with very cool link. :)

Remember my deletion link? 

It was-

I tried to modify URL a bit. Put "admin" in place of my username. I tried to delete the user with User-ID 2145. Final link becomes like this-

BOOM! User got deleted. Edit URL and change "id" attribute to any USER-ID and it will delete the user without any verification.

Paypal rewarded me with 2000$ for reporting this vulnerability.


Nice findings :) (y)


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